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Science-based information to empower people in managing their food intolerances and chemical sensitivities

By Mithila

Photo Source: European Food Safety Authority

Added chemicals enhance flavours, colours, textures, and ensure the safe preservation of every day products, such as food and medicine. In Australia, over 300 industrial chemical additives have been assessed for their safety and approved by Food Safety Australia and New Zealand, and the Therapeutic Goods Administration. …

By Mithila

A major challenge faced by people living with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) is the lack of a clear diagnosis. For many that are desperately ill, comprehensive medical testing may reveal nothing conclusive — leaving them and their doctors confused, frustrated, and questioning the legitimacy of the condition.


By Mithila

Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is a term proposed by Cullen (1987), and described as an “acquired disorder characterised by recurrent symptoms, referable to multiple organ systems”. …

Industrial Chemical Sensitivity Resource

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