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Science-based information to empower people in managing their food intolerances and chemical sensitivities


  • Miranda Gottlieb

    Miranda Gottlieb

    Public health and drug policy activist. China watcher.

  • Ivy the Ginger Ninja

    Ivy the Ginger Ninja

    BSc (Psych), DipFamHist. I am a NINJA! (Or so I’ve been told, and they can’t take it back now, I’ve already had t-shirts made).

  • Sumithra Shankar

    Sumithra Shankar

  • John Bigl

    John Bigl

  • Gray Atkinson Adams

    Gray Atkinson Adams

  • Gus Jansen

    Gus Jansen

    Digital Consultant #Sydney @LaunchJobs | #UX | #UI | #InteractionDesign | #ServiceDesign | #CX | #Digital | #DigitalDesign | #Recruitment | #Psychologist | #HCD

  • Jon Morrison

    Jon Morrison

  • gangadhara rao irlapati

    gangadhara rao irlapati

    An unfortunate Indian scientist subjected to negligence racism and discrimination despite did immense efforts in sciences

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